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Spa Detailed Review: NEXUS SPA




A Comprehensive Review

DISCLAIMER: Tried the spa once last week and got random therapists from their existing line-up.

I visited them on their second week of operations, after gathering preliminary feedback from some of my followers. There was already a large number of people in the spa during my visit as it can be evidenced by the number of people in the wet area. I love the whole vibe of the black and gray colour theme on the first floor of the spa.



(1) The massage room is quite spacious, and the massage bed is quite bigger compared to the usual massage beds.

(2) The steam room and sauna are also big in size. I enjoyed how there was plenty of room to sit and stand in the rooms.

(3) I liked the lounge as it has a mini counter where they prepare the food and drinks. Love the vibe and the coziness of this area.

(4) The shower is spacious and more private since the divider is made of marble.

(5) The locker area is quite spacious as well with decent size lockers.

(6) I like the sauna and how it was positioned in a way that would allow more seating capacity.



(1) I would have liked dimmer lights, particularly in the massage area since the curtain is quite thin and there is somehow a small space on the side which can be balanced out by dimmer lights.

(2) It would be wonderful to put a small countertop in the restroom for clients to put their vanity kit.

(3) It would also be excellent to have at least a clock in the wet area so as to give a sense of time to those who are waiting for their massage time.

(4) I would have wanted a more sensual massage routine just to have more distinction as to the difference between sensual and non-sensual routines.




I like the overall vibc of the spa and the colour palette. Definitely, a "Highly Recommended" rating is well-earned for this spa. This is a perfect match for those who are into crowds as there are lots of reasons you would wanna be here especially the presence of the varsity shower and dimmer wet area.


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