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Scoring Mechanism


Rating is based on the 1.0 - 10.0 scale with 10.0 being the highest.

Take note that the average performance percentage is expressed up to 2 decimal places with the criteria being scored up to one decimal place since the number of subjects is above 100 therapists.


Establishing decimals allows the rater more range in scoring the different behaviours being rated thus resulting in a more accurate evaluation and minimizing statistical errors. Remarks have been adjusted to align with the rating guide across all samples.


There are 3 criteria used in giving the final rating for the each individual reviews.

The criteria are based on my preferences and what matters most to me. High percentage is allocated to the Overall Experience at 55% with Looks and Personality having the lowest allocation at 10%. 



After the final score has been computed, remarks will be given to categorize the subjects.

Stellar performances are tagged as Outstanding with a performance score of 9.80 and above. Anything below 8.50 will not be posted on this website. 

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