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About Me

I am a Spa & Massage Enthusiast for roughly 5 years now. Having massages is not just a relaxation for me but it is an escape from the toxicity of the work I have. The various massage experiences I have opened up an interesting avenue for me to compare various strokes and techniques while helping my community to guide them in making their choices, especially those neophytes venturing into this industry. I did not intend to be a reviewer but my bad experience with Verde Royale Spa made me write one which gained lots of readership and from then on, I started doing reviews.


| Personal: Bookworm, Achiever, Humble, Sweet

I am a bookworm. I fancy reading books so not really a couch potato. Interestingly, I still prefer buying an actual book since it is a nice feeling on having to flip those pages and the smell of printed papers even though there are already eBooks. I am an achiever, I tend to always complete things and experience them to the fullest whenever I try something interesting. One of those interesting aspects would be having massages so when I am satisfied with a specific spa, I tend to try all the therapists in the line-up of that spa to check on variations.

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| Career: Certified Six Sigma Green Belt, COPC Registered Coordinator, Accountancy, Laws

I initially worked in the BPO industry and worked the ladder until got promoted to Training and Quality Manager – this industry also allowed me to obtain some of my certifications in various technical expertise and disciplines namely: Six Sigma, COPC, Process Improvement, Performance Management et. al. Currently, I am the Partner Quality Lead of a Telco based in Australia performing a client role of various partner BPOs operating in India, Philippines, and Australia. I am a CPA and looking to pursue my career further by taking up Law, hopefully ending up being a CPA Lawyer.

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