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Nexus: HADJI

…soft hands with relaxing nonsensual massage routine, cute, decent height and charming…


I availed the “The Signature” massage package. Hadji has experience and was trained further in the spa. Pictures of therapists are not available as per the Spa’s policy.


Hadji is one of the most popular therapists in Nexus, so I scheduled him in advance. He is cute and I like that he is giving me this vibe of just being cool and calm. He can maintain really good conversation which is nice as he connected to me on a personal level. I liked that he delivered pretty solid nonsensual routines and it made me feel relaxed since he has really soft and smooth hands. The sensuality was decent, but I would have wanted more touches in the privys and more dynamics in the change of pressure and tempo to make the transition from sensual to nonsensual more fluid. Well earned “Recommended” rating for this experience.

Hadji is cute and it really made me feel “kilig” when he stared at me during the last few minutes of the session while doing the front massage.


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