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Horizon: Extreme Bath Comprehensive Review

I tried to avail the newest offering of the spa: Ultimate Massage with Extreme Bath valued at Php1500.

DISCLAIMER: I tried the service twice to check on the consistency of the steps being done during the session. I got JHUN and OMAR on different occasions.

I chose JHUN and OMAR because I know them already and we've had sessions before. I like their style and pretty much their reviews from other clients are pretty much solid and consistent so I won't review anymore on their skills because they are really highly recommended in my books.

EXTREME BATH Comprehensive Review

The SCRUB - Pretty much the same style as with other SPAs, they used the traditional sea salt scrub to exfoliate. I like that it was done in a very complete way and with the right amount of pressure so the experience was comforting and nice.

The DRIP - This is quite interesting since they have different solutions to go with the pail of warm water. There are mini containers on top of the scrub bed filled with warm water. It was really relaxing that I don't want to end it. I like that it is warm and smelled so gooood.

The SOAK - I love the rinsing part as the therapist tried to rinse off the solution off your body. It was a nice experience to be showered by someone.

Overall, it was a nice experience and something to look forward to having, especially since you get a discount by availing it together with their ultimate massage. Sadly, it is only available in their Kamuning Branch.


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