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27 Shaw Spa: THE INNOCENT - A Comprehensive Review

I tried the new offering of 27 Shaw Spa named as “The Innocent” – this is the fourth package under their range of services (The Explorer, The Everyman and The Sage). By the way, the titles of their services were actually adapted from Jung's 12 Behavioural Archetypes, so I'm curious if there will soon be further services available and called after the other 8 archetypes. To assess the consistency of the various steps taken throughout the entire session, I tried three different therapists.

The Innocent is being performed in the spa's treatment chamber, the Hammam Room. Based on my experience, the package consists of five phases which are essentially a combination of a body scrub and a Turkish bath. I appreciate how each step is connected to the previous one and that the sequence in which they are completed has a purpose. The entire procedure was carefully considered and I like that they made sure that some characteristics of an actual Turkish bath are still present.

I tried doing it both before and after my Explorer Massage and based on my preferences, I prefer doing it after the massage because it is a nice after-massage therapy that involves rinsing off oil all over your body. It is a rejuvenating experience and I like the added care of having a mud pack and the slight sensual massage during the Turkish wash.

The service’s price of Php1800 for 80 minutes is appropriate, especially considering the various things utilized throughout the entire session, such as the Moroccan Oil and the one-time use of Hammam Bath Scrub Glove not to mention that it is being completed in a steam room.

Only a few number of therapists have received training to perform The Innocent, and the spa refers to them as Aqua Therapists.

Based on my experience, they are all really good, but Vince seems to be the best of the three. Since this is a scrub and bath session, it is crucial that there should be "rapport" during the session, such as eye contact and some intimate connections in which Vince was able to deliver but I like Tristan’s steady and regulated pressure which is applicable and a must in a body scrub.


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