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Horizon: DAVE


I availed the “The Ultimate” massage package. He has been with different spas and I was supposed to try him when he was still connected with Magnitude. Good riddance that he is now in Horizon so I did not hesitate to try him.


I want to take time in this category because I was really impressed since the execution of the overall techniques was really impeccable. I like how he combined the sensual and nonsensual routines in a very spontaneous and fluid way. The experience he got was so evident in each of the strokes that I wanted to just experience each and every moment of it. There were some strokes he did especially during the half-frog position which I haven't really experienced with anyone else. It was titillating and I was really hard from the beginning to the end of the session. The experience was just so memorable that I have to rate this experience as “Outstanding”.


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