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Freelance: ERIC


I tried him in Emerence and now he is a Freelancer. I got the Signature Massage with Turkish Shower & Scrub. He has no massage experience and has just recently joined the industry through Emerence. He has been trained in Emerence.


We started with the scrub and Turkish shower. I am in a standing position whilst being scrubbed and the feeling was as interesting as my experiences with the other therapists. I love the feeling of being bathed while he was at my back and really taking time to scrub my chest, nips and legs. He is new so I don't have that many expectations but I loved that his routines were balanced and spontaneous. This is a nonsensual massage package so the sensual strokes were minimal so if you are just after a very good and relaxing massage then he is your guy. I like that he really completed the routine within the allotted time. He is really cute and good-looking up close. I like that he gives me this mysterious kind of vibe personality. He is definitely a DAKOTA Warrior - a high-ranking general!

*P.S. – He is now a freelance and you may contact him through his number 09502417338 and his Twitter account: @EricTheGreat003


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