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…impeccable massage routine w/interesting warm-up, muscular and conversational…


I availed the “Trivo-Combi” massage package. Jethro has previous experiences from other spas including overseas. He is still in training for the spa’s signature sensual massage routine.


I have seen his Twitter for quite some time now as he has a very interesting large number of followers on Twitter. Jethro’s sequence is quite interesting as I only availed a combination massage. I liked that his strokes were solid and that there are connecting/transitioning strokes for every routine change making the entire session fluid and spontaneous. He would probably have the longest warm-up I have ever experienced, and it was interestingly ticklish and hot. I am more than interested to check on how he would improve once he gets trained with the spa’s sensual routine – Titan and Titan X. He is muscular and short in height. He can be chatty at times and might sound proud and over-confident nonetheless, he was able to deliver pretty amazing routines, so I have to tag my experience with him as “Outstanding” in my books.

Jethro has experience abroad so you can feel the technicality in his routines and the confidence in each stroke he does. Although, I would have wanted a more personalized approach so he can be more attentive and caring with his customers/clients.


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