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785Spa: MARVIN

…relaxing techniques w/memorable after-massage deed, good-looking, performer, Dakota Warrior…


I availed the Signature Massage with Turkish Shower. Marvin has been in the industry for quite some time but has no experience in doing sensual massage.


This is kind of a biased score again from 785 Spa since I really like him. I have a huge crush on him because he is literally the type of guy who I would definitely date. I like our session because it made me feel like he is also reciprocating that feeling I have for him. He was able to give a decent massage with memorable after-massage deed so I have to give him my “Outstanding” rating.

Marvin is really a sweet guy. He did something that is memorable which I did not know he can do although he mentioned about being in Hilom in the past so it kind of confirmed the idea I have in terms of what he can do.


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