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785Spa: CALVIN

decent techniques w/shocking after-massage deed, cutie pie, pleaser & performer…


I availed the Signature Massage with Turkish Shower. Calvin is new in the industry and just had a short stint from another spa.


This is kind of a biased score since I really like his personality. He did something that was shockingly good. I like that he was able to deliver a decent massage with a hint of sensuality. He did some strokes which is kind of sexy and nice. Based on what he did to me and the overall experience, I am quite impressed so I am compelled to rate this experience as “Outstanding” in my books.

Calvin is a good kisser and a pleaser. I like that he stares at me while doing the deed making me feel like he is really into it making the experience worth every penny. I like what he did during the Turkish shower which is really interesting and making me feel like I am really special.


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