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27Shaw: EJ

Over-the-moon sensuality and impeccable massage routine, cute & warm…


I availed the “The Explorer” massage package. EJ has short stint working in the spa industry. Pictures of therapists are not available as per Spa’s policy.


EJ now occupies my Number 1 spot in 27Shaw surpassing Prince, Emman and Ali. It was a treat from the beginning to the end. The entire routine was just out-of-this-world. I am so amazed that a newbie therapist can occupy the top spot of my scoreboard and that is how good he is. I like his humble demeanour that when he starts doing all of his routine, he becomes someone else in a good way.

He is definitely for everyone but I have to say that he is the best and on-point KFC move I have experience – it was just so hot and sexy that I erupted in just the first 20 minutes in the session which rarely happens. The dry hump in the first part of the session was just so hot and memorable. The entire experience is something that I would want to happen over and over again.


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