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27Shaw: DAN

…personalized sensuality with connected routines, sweet, cute and charming…


I availed the “The Explorer” massage package. Dan has no experience and was just trained in the spa. Pictures of therapists are not available as per the Spa’s policy.


Dan was referred to me by members of the TG Group I belong. Dan was just so good, and I was really impressed. I like that the sensual routine was not just there to tease or to arouse but it made me feel like he is into it which is sexy and just so good. Even though he is new, he was able to deliver a very fluid and spontaneous routine. He is cute and charming in my eyes, and I cannot help but admit that he is definitely my type. The “Outstanding” mark was just an understatement of what I felt about the experience I had with him.

Dan is something I would want to experience over and over again because he is that good and it was just a memorable experience.


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