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…balanced routine, exciting experience, eye-candy & lean, Dakota Warrior…


I availed of the Masaje Pirme package with a free Turkish Shower Bath. Lester has previous experience as a therapist but no experience on sensual massage.


I literally have a crush on this guy. He is indeed good-looking and has a toned muscle. He plays basketball so I think that is the secret on his toned and lean body. The massage was unexpectedly satisfying since he know how to do the wheel-barrow technique. I love the after-massage deed more as everything in the session was so good and all worth it. Plus, he is a Dakota Warrior.

Lester is a pleaser. He kisses so good and I appreciate that he made me feel like I am his wife on our post-massage deed. I like that his tool looks really good since it has a very nice shape and it was girthy. The whole experience was amazing and he is kind of biased for me on this review since I have a crush on him.


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