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I’ve tried 118 therapists under this category but only 93 made it to my scoreboard from various spas (with wet area) across the metro. Out of 118, interestingly 38.1% or 45 therapists got my Outstanding rating! I have the most number of Outstanding therapists under this category.

Therapists were grouped according to where I tried them since I tried them using the spa’s sequence and it is more logical for me to do it that way. However, I'll update the individual reviews according to where they are now associated with on my website.

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RIO from Alpha Main is severely overrated. I booked him due to high ratings and praises from this site, and while he turned out to be super pogi/handsome, his massage was not something I would recommend, ever. He started okay, then eventually used his cellphone (while I was still face down). He would also go out frequently saying “sir cr lang” and would take 3-5 minutes before coming back, then use his phone again, and when he asked me to face up, he took only a few minutes to “massage” my legs then proceeded to say “sir ikaw na po bahala sakin ha” then gestured that he will j@ck me off while I touch him. Never ever book Rio.

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