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A Comprehensive Review

DISCLAIMER: Tried the spa two times already as of the creation of the review. I tried the spa and used their full amenities on my 2nd visit.

I visited the spa last week, during its second week of operations, after gathering preliminary feedback from some of my followers. Not much crowd which is good so I was able to enjoy the amenities without thinking about the "ganap" moments. The spa gives me this "sosyal" vibe as the layout and colour palette used were well thought out and my favourite part is the vanity area which is really nice. I love the sparkling water which was free on their opening week and it was nice to see a Nespresso coffee machine in the small area in the lounge together with the refreshments.


(1) The massage area is huge and the massage bed is quite bigger compared to the usual massage beds.

(2) The steam room and sauna are also big in size. I enjoyed how there was plenty of room to sit and stand in the rooms.

(3) I enjoyed the vanity area since it is well-lit with complete toiletries. Although I would want another hair blower on the other side.

(4) The shower is spacious and more private since the divider is made of marble.

(5) The locker area is quite spacious as well with really big lockers so if you are carrying big bags then there will be no issue. I think this is the biggest locker I have experienced in a spa setting.

(6) I like that there are timers in each massage room so the client and the therapists will be aware of the massage duration and complaints of undertime can be prevented.


(1) I would have liked dimmer lights, particularly in the wet area as this would give a more relaxing vibe. Ideally, dim lights give a sense of relaxation especially since you are used to brighter lights outside the spa world

(2) It would be wonderful to put hooks in the toilet for customers to hang their towels and robes.

(3) It would also be excellent to have at least a clock in the water drinking station so as to give a sense of time to those who are waiting for their massage time.

(4) There is so much space in the wet area and it is so well-lit. I think it would be better to have dimmer lights in the massage area as it is not okay to have a massage with lights so bright.

(5) Small tables in the lounge can be a good addition, especially for those who will be having snacks after the massage because it is hard to place the glasses on the floor.


I would have to say that this would be a game changer in the Cubao area considering that the other spa in the vicinity is quite old already. The spa gives a modern look and a different theme on spas which is kind of interesting. Definitely, a "Highly Recommended" rating is well-earned for this spa. This is a perfect match for those who are not into much crowd as the number of people is controlled as they only have 33 lockers.


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