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SPA Detailed Review: ALPHA - SOUTH


DISCLAIMER: This review is focused solely on their Pasay Branch.

I visited the spa last week (3rd Week of July), during its second week of operations, after gathering preliminary feedback from some of my followers. During my visit, I believe some of the online comments and opportunities were already addressed, therefore I was pleased with my whole experience.


(1) The pool is pretty much big in size, and I appreciate that it is heated.

(2) The steam room and sauna are also big in size. I enjoyed how there is plenty of room to sit and stand in the rooms.

(3) I enjoyed using the heated toilet bowl. LOL. The bowl is automated and stylish.

(4) The varsity shower was awesome, especially with the seductive lights.

(5) The locker arrangement and vanity section were placed in a very lovely and convenient manner, especially if a large number of people would be using those sections at the same time.


(1) I would have liked dimmer lights, particularly in the sauna.

(2) It would be wonderful to put hooks in the toilets for customers to hang their towels.

(3) It would also be excellent to have a drinking station near the sauna and steam room so that clients do not have to go to the locker room to get water.


I would have to say that this would be a game changer in the south, especially given the size of the wet arena in comparison to its competitors in the area. The spa definitely received my OUTSTANDING rating and deserving of its title to be one of the most innovative spas in the south.


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