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Seabliss: JAMES

fluid and spontaneous sensual and nonsensual routines, tall, cute and sweet…


I availed the “Tsunami” massage package. James has previous experiences from other spas and has experience in doing sensual massage.


James has extensive experience in doing massage as he has been to various spas and always leaves a mark on the spas he has been with. The experience was just titillating and super memorable in my books. He is tall as you would all know that I am really attracted to tall guys. He is definitely the guy that you would stare at the first time you lay your eyes on him. He is cute and charming which makes him a very attractive guy in my eyes. I like his overall techniques and how the different routines were executed and completed – it was fluid and spontaneous. There were some routines that I would have wanted him to give more time because it was just so good. Because of how memorable the experience I had with him – I am inclined to give him an “Outstanding” mark and I am putting him as one of my Top Therapists across all spas I tried under the With Wet Area Category.

James never failed to tease me, especially on touching the privys and perineum. I think he is the master in doing that as he knows how to glide his fingers to make you feel so excited and aroused. He has big hands and I think he can be a member of my Dakota Warriors.


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