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North Haven: RUSSEL


I availed the “Haven Signature” massage package valued at Php900. Russel used to be a waiter in a restaurant and was just trained by the spa’s trainers.


I tried him almost 6 months ago for a combi massage and he did not disappoint me. I went back to try him for their new sensual massage offering – Haven Signature. The experience was amazing. I like that he improved a LOT in terms of technique-wise. The sensual routines are quite interesting as there were some positions we did that made the entire experience relaxing and moan-worthy. I have to say that this will be in my books as one of the very good sensual massages I have ever experienced. He got improvement in building a connection with a client. He is cute and I like him now in his new body and physique. Tagging this experience as “Outstanding”.

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