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North Haven: JHAO


I availed the “Haven Signature” massage package valued at Php900. Jhao has experience working in another spa and was further trained in North Haven. This is my second time getting him as I got him before for a vichy combi massage package.


The experience I had with Jhao especially on my first time with him when we had the Vichy scrub was interestingly adventurous that I did not know that a scrub can be that adventurous and hot. I tried him again for a Signature massage as I need to know if he can already do sensual strokes and I was impressed as he delivers unique routines during the session. I love his demeanour throughout the session and the overall experience was memorable. Because of the uniqueness of the overall routine and how I was pleased with the totality of the experience, I’m giving him my “Outstanding” mark.

He is definitely a member of my Dakota Warriors. He is caring and knows how to please someone and ensure complete satisfaction throughout the session. He improved from the last time I tried him and I like that he was able to put a good marriage between sensual strokes and non-sensual strokes in a very fluid way. What I loved the most would be how he builds up the sensuality from simple to full touch in the privys plus he is the only therapist in North Haven who can do the KFC move.


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