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Nexus: LUKE

…balanced sensual and non-sensual massage routine, consistent pressure, meek and sweet…


I availed the “The Signature” massage package. Luke has no experience and was just trained in the spa. Pictures of therapists are not available as per the Spa’s policy.


Luke was the first therapist I tried with Nexus. He has no massage experience, so it was a shocking experience to me that he was able to deliver a pretty decent massage routine both sensual and nonsensual. Although I would have wanted more touches in the privys, the spontaneity saved it all as he was fluid in terms of the transitions between individual strokes. I miss the half-frog routine, but the dry hump routine saved it. He is sweet and meek plus the humble demeanour he exuded during our session would definitely make him earn the “Highly Recommended” rating from me.

Luke is a pleaser as he really wants to please his clients. He would focus on [arts that make you tickle.


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