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Magnitude: VINZ

…amazing sensual routine, good-looking, tall and charming…


I availed of the Hurricane Massage. Vinz has previous experiences from other spas but was just trained for sensual massage in Magnitude.


I have been eyeing this guy for quite some time now as I was attracted to him the first time, I saw him. I like his height since he is tall. Vinz is cute and the eyes are just so gorgeous. He has previous massage experiences from other spas but no experience in giving sensual massages in the past as he was just trained in Magnitude. I was amazed that he could deliver a really solid sensual routine. I like that there is fluidity on each individual stroke especially the gliding of his arms to your body. It was a treat! I might be biased on this review because I really have a crush on him, but the experience deserved to be scored as “Outstanding”.

Vinz is a charmer, and he knows how to use his eyes to make you kilig plus he is caring and can be sweet once he gets comfortable with you.


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