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Magnitude: RASTY


I got the Hurricane Massage for 90 minutes. This is my first time with Rasty. He has been in the massage industry for quite some time now. He used to work in Nuat Thai.


The massage was super sensual. His routine is quite different from the usual Hurricane massage I am used to. I like that he was generous in touching, holding and gently stroking your privys which kind of elevated his strokes in a way that is titillating and moan worthy. There were some positions that were executed in a very sensual way. I would definitely give this experience a perfect 10.0 on sensuality. There is just a slight opportunity on the transitions between strokes, I would have preferred a much smoother way. Interestingly, his nonsensual routines including stretching were done impeccably as it was reminiscent of the routine from a spa that he used to work with. He is kind of snob and quiet. I would have wanted a much friendlier approach so it would match his charm. He is definitely a DAKOTA Warrior. Overall, the experience was definitely at the top of my list.

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