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Magnitude: HERO

…super sensual, technical yet spontaneous, good-looking and caring…


I availed of the Signature Massage. Hero has no prior experience in the spa industry and was just trained further in Magnitude.


The experience was just so out-of-this-world that it was eruptive. He used his arms, hands and fingers at full capacity so that your privys (🍆🍑🍒) were touched & caressed in a very generous way. Literally, I was hard from the beginning to the end. He had a super smooth way of combining his sensual & nonsensual routines-not feeling mechanical. I'm putting him as my New No. 1 Magnitude Thera across all branches they have with a whopping 9.97 total score. Looking at my scorecards, he is now the Number 1 therapist of all the therapists I tried. I'm really in awe of how good he is.


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