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Magnitude: HANZ

…balanced sensual routine, charming and cute, slim and smooth…


I availed of the Signature Massage. Hanz has no experience in the spa industry and was just trained by the therapists in Magnitude.


He is a Twitter sweetheart, especially in his photos so I have to try him and I was correct he really looks cute even in person. He is new in the industry and I only got the Signature massage so not have many expectations, especially on the sensual strokes but he was able to deliver a decent sensual stroke and loved that the whole routine was balanced and relaxing.

I would love him to be more sensuous especially in the tempo of his strokes i.e. knowing when to go slow and soft. In addition, I would have wanted him to have more touches in the privys and make it more fluid especially since that is what sensual massage needs to be. He is cute so there was “kilig” in the experience.


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