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Magnitude: BRYAN

…very sensual, variated tempo and pressure, charming and tall, daddy-type…


I availed of the Hurricane Massage. Bryan has a short stint being a therapist as a freelance as he was working as a Security Guard before joining Magnitude.


This guy has shown expertise in his strokes even though he has only short experience doing freelance massage. I love that he knows how to play on his tempo and pressure so you get a seamless transition between sensual and non-sensual routines. He is tall and “malambing” which adds to the overall experience and my tick box of finally having to try a security guard has been fulfilled.

I was even shocked by what he did post-massage session – it was hot and unexpectedly good. I was trying to control the eruption but he did something that was just way too hot for me to continue controlling it and it was eruptive. He knows how to please a person and understands what really makes me moan and he would moan with you so it makes the experience memorable.


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