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Magnitude: ANTHONY

…sensual with moderate to hard pressure, charming, medium built and smooth…


I availed of the Hurricane Massage. Anthony has a short stint in the spa industry and was trained further by the therapists in Magnitude.


Anthony has been in the industry for quite some time so you can feel how precise his non-sensual routines are. I like that he can deliver hard massage if there is a need to do so. The sensuality is decent and good but it can be improved by ensuring that there will be more touches in the privys especially since it is for a Hurricane massage wherein the sensuality has been elevated. He is charming and easy to get along with so giving him a “Recommended” rating.

The post-massage session was nice especially because he delivered what I am really looking for. He can be intimidating at times because he is silent but he is really jocular. I like that he still took care of me even after the session and the deed.


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