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Infinity: NICO and JERVY


Tried two therapists who I haven't tried yet. The sessions were done on different days. I tried Nico for Apollo and Jervy for Combination.


I decided to have them in one post since both of them got a “Recommended” rating from me.

  • Nico gave me a mechanical sensual massage although I was shocked at what he did to me towards the end of the session. The experience is quite forgettable to be honest but I do appreciate the way he delivers his routine although it lacked the fluidity on each of the strokes. He has been in the massage industry for quite some time and he is in his late 40s.

  • Jervy is cute and has a twinkish body. I loved that he was able to deliver a very decent non-sensual massage routine as I only got a combination massage. He was able to adjust to my liking, especially on the pressure and how I want the routine to be relaxing and soothing.


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