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Horizon: REGGIE

…amazing sensuality & impeccable massage routine, tall, good-looking and a pleaser…


I booked their ULTIMATE Massage which is the upgraded sensual signature massage. Reggie has experience in doing sensual massage from other spas.


Reggie is my type when I saw the spa’s roster of therapists. I like that he is cute and humble in person. I like that he has a positive and friendly demeanour. He has experience from other spas so you can tell the fluidity in his nonsensual routines. I like how the pressure was consistent from the beginning to the end which created a relaxing feel during the massage. The sensuality was also good, but it is the overall experience that swayed me to give my experience with him as “Outstanding”.

Reggie is definitely a member of my Dakota Warriors. I mean he is from Cebu so not sure if it's actually the reason for him being a member of my Dakota Warriors. I cannot go into the details of the other stuff but it was a shocking experience.

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