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Horizon: JOAQUIN

…fluid and spontaneous massage routine, tall, charming and funny…


I booked their ULTIMATE Massage which is the upgraded sensual signature massage. Joaquin has experience in doing sensual massage from other spas.


Since I am really into tall guys, I have to book among the lineup therapists in Horizon – Cubao. Joaquin has been in the industry for quite some time including having to work overseas. I like that he was able to deliver pretty solid and fluid massage routine, both for sensual and nonsensual massage. Although I would have wanted him to be more connected to me, the overall experience was still nice and spontaneous. He has a very nice attitude and demeanour so the “Outstanding” mark is very well deserved for the experience I had with him.

Joaquin is a charmer. He knows how to make his client feel at ease during the session. He can be a match, especially for newbies.


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