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Horizon: FRANK

…connected & smooth strokes with intense sensuality, sweet and Dakota Warrior…


I got the Ultimate Massage package. Frank has no massage experience and was just trained by the senior therapists in Horizon.


Frank has caught my eye when he was still with Kamuning so when I found out that he’s back – I have to get him. I have some of my friends tried him and they were impressed so I have to try it for myself. It was interestingly good since he has no experience in massage – even in sensual massage but the fluidity on his routines was just tasteful and titillating. I loved that there is progression in the strokes so you don’t get bored as slowly the strokes are getting more and more intense as time goes by.

He is definitely a member of my Dakota Warriors. It was shockingly huge compared to his height. The after-massage session was really intense that I cannot believe we are doing it. It was just super memorable and I am so happy that I get to try him as he might go on vacation again for a couple of months. It was a delight and I have to tag him as one of my favorites.

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