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Horizon: CHAN

…decent fusion of sensual and nonsensual massage routines, tall, chubby and funny…


I booked their HORIZON Massage which is a fusion of COMBINATION and SIGNATURE massage. Chan has no experience in doing sensual massage and was just trained in Horizon.


Chan has no experience in doing sensual massage and has little experience in doing nonsensual massage. There might be some opportunities in the transitioning strokes especially the strokes being done in-between different strokes. He can deliver pretty solid sensual strokes, but I would want more touches in the privys to elevate his skills in doing the sensual routine. The overall routine was pretty much decent, and I would still score the experience as “Highly Recommended”.

Chan is a match to those who are into chubby guys with a bubbly personality. The experience was just good, and it was really nice, especially on how he took care of me from the beginning to the end.


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