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Horizon: BRYAN

…above average massage routines and sensuality, cute, charming and sweet…


I booked their ULTIMATE Massage which is the upgraded sensual signature massage. Bryan has experience in doing sensual massage from other spas.


Bryan has been in the industry for quite some time now and has been doing sensual massage for quite some time now. The entire experience was good and nice as he was able to execute above-average massage skills. I like that he is sweet and super caring during the entire session. The sensuality was above average though I would have wanted more touches in the privys to elevate the experience. He is also cute and charming in person. Because of the entire experience, I would rate my experience with him as “Highly Recommended”.

Bryan is a match for those who are looking for a cute guy who can deliver above above-average sensual massage routine. Pretty much a really good experience from him.


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