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Horizon: ANGELO

…sexy sensual strokes establishing connections, sweet and good-looking…


I got the Ultimate Massage package. Angelo has previous experience but no experience in doing sensual massage. He was just trained in Horizon.


He knows how to make you moan with the use of his fingers, hands and arms. He did the half frog with lots of touches on your privys while playing your nips. I was in that moment like I was making love with him because it was just so sweet & sexy. I was moaning the whole time. The front massage was even sexier and it was just so sweet and hot that I don’t know how to describe the session anymore that is why I'm giving him a 9.9 on sensuality because the connection was there which was really missing in the past and the most important part of sensuality. Giving him a well-earned 9.78 total score. If you want that experience like as if you are in a honeymoon, then he is your guy. The intimacy and the "kilig" moments were just hard to ignore that you have to really try him.


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