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GVWellness: FITZ


I got the Combination Massage for 90 minutes. This is my first time with Fitz. He is relatively new in the massage industry although he used to work with other spas. He has no experience in sensual massage and has just been doing non-sensual massages.


I got a non-sensual massage package. I think this is his forte. He is good in those long and relaxing strokes which are all about making you feel relaxed throughout the session. I have no expectations of sensual strokes so the focus of this review is the experience with the combination massage. The stretching and the overall routine are quite evident that he has massage experience but can still be improved. I would have wanted him to be more responsive to his client, especially in delivering some strokes on the pressure points. I like that he has soft hands and loved that he got these positive vibes but maybe a little overboard to my liking. He is a performer so If you are into that other stuff then you'll be satisfied and that might be the reason why would I tag this experience as RECOMMENDED.


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