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Emerence: KENZO

…relaxing routine with a hint of sensuality, baby boy, very cute, smells good and sweet…


I got the Turkish Shower with Signature Massage. Signature Massage in Emerence is focused on non-sensual routines. Kenzo is new in the industry and was just trained in Emerence.


I got my ultimate crush!! Kenzo is such a good-looking boy with undeniably attractive charm. I like that he is a pleaser. He is quite new in the industry but pretty much he can deliver a pretty decent massage routine. There could be opportunities in terms of spontaneity but overall, it was a pleasant experience. I like that even though the Signature massage has no sensual strokes, he is still able to give me some sensual strokes with the half-frog position. I am satisfied with the experience and it is something I would definitely want to happen again so It might be a biased review as I really like his looks and personality so I am giving the experience as “Outstanding”.

Kenzo has sexy and soft lips. I think he might be the best kisser I have ever experienced in my life. He made me feel like he was into it. He is also a member of my Dakota Warrior – a grower, indeed.


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