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Emerence: JOHN


I got the Signature Massage with Turkish Shower & Scrub. This is my second time with John as I tried him in July when he was still new with Emerence. John has been in the industry for quite some time now since he started working in the province and then moved to Freelance.


We started with the scrub and Turkish shower. I am in a standing position whilst being scrubbed and the feeling was really interesting as my first experience when I had James. I love the feeling of being bathed while he was at my back and I can feel his manhood. It was hot and steamy. After that interesting shower and scrub, we headed to the massage proper. For the massage, loved that he has soft hands which contributed to the relaxing feel of his massage. This is a nonsensual massage package but he was able to give some sensual strokes. The sensual strokes were minimal so if you are just after a very good and relaxing massage then he is your guy. He is sweet and very gentlemanly. I love that he responded to me and fulfilled my desire and what really makes me satisfied. He is definitely a DAKOTA Warrior.

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