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Emerence: CHOLO


I availed of the Turkish Shower with a 60-minute Signature Massage valued at Php1000. Cholo has few months of experience in the massage industry.


This might be a biased review since I was really attracted to Cholo physically and he really caught my eye the first time I saw him. I am giving my "Personal Favorite" badge toa him for what I have experienced from him. Massage-wise, he was able to deliver a good overall routine plus he has a solid sequencing of different strokes. He might be meek and timid at first but once he gets along with you, the experience would exude light and sweet moments as if going back to high school "kilig" moments. Because he is giving me these baby boy vibes plus a very decent and relaxing massage, I am giving him a final verdict of "HIGHLY RECOMMENDED". The experience was just sweet and light.


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