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I’ve tried 7 therapists in their lineup and I have to say that most of them really made a mark on my ELITE experience. When they started, it was a revelation as they are the only spa I know within the Manila area with Wet Area. I’ve tried all the services and Titan Massage is the one that made a mark on my experience. They may be a small spa but they can be a good place for people who just want to have a small crowd but with huge massage rooms.

I want to call out some of the top-performing therapists and their individual strengths


These are the top therapists who aced all categories across the board and made it to the top of my scoreboard: Jethro and June.


These are the therapists who I really made a connection with regardless of their rank but somehow made my experience memorable: Jethro, June and Rich.

There might be no statistical significance between therapists of the same rating remarks since ranking within that remark may interchange based on someone's preferences and likings.

P.S. All reviews for each individual therapist are posted on this site. Just make sure to utilize the search box and use the hashtag #EliteSpaSimplified.


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