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Elite: ROME

…decent sensual and non-sensual massage routines, cute, charming and meek…


I availed the Titan X massage. Rome has previous experiences from other spas and was trained further with the spa’s signature sensual massage routine.


Rome is someone I would definitely have a crush on. When I saw his Twitter, I said to myself that I really need to try him. He has been seasoned in Elite so you can tell on the fluidity and spontaneity of the overall routine. I like that he was able to deliver above-average sensual and non-sensual strokes. I like that he is cute, charming and just quiet during the session as I want to really assess and enjoy his routine. Although I would have wanted more touches in the privys, he still was able to deliver a pretty solid and decent massage hence my rating for “Highly Recommended”.

It was just funny since he was really nervous during the start of the session as I think a therapist gave him a hint that I’ll be his client. I like that I was able to have a short conversation with him and there were moments of laughter.


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