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Elite: JUNE

…balanced routine with impeccable spontaneity, daddy-ish look, mysterious vibe…


I availed the Titan Massage. June has previous experiences from other spas and was trained further with the spa’s signature sensual massage routine.


June has been in the industry for quite some time now and has been one of the go-to therapists for the Titan Massage routine. He has this kind of mysterious vibe since he seldom speaks during the session, but he checks on me from time to time. He is daddy-ish in body built with decent height. He has muscular arms. The balance in the overall routine was just so good. There might be some opportunities in terms of touching the privys since I want it more but the spontaneity in each individual stroke saved the entire experience into an “Outstanding” rating.

I like June because he knows when to peak his strokes and he knows how to please someone that builds momentum.


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