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Casadespa: KYLE


I availed of the EROS Massage with Body Scrub. JM is new in the industry and has been initially for Combi massage. Finally, he has been trained in EROS so I took the chance to try him.


I gave a high score in my overall experience category because he was able to execute the sensual routines flawlessly. However, he could have improved in making sure that the privys will be touched generously. Nonetheless, the sensuality is still on point and was done in a cohesive way making the transition run smoothly from one stroke to another. Even though it is for just a sensual massage package, he was still able to deliver the non-sensual routines as well. I like his style and how he executed the non-sensual strokes since it was fluid and balanced. He was able to execute the transitions well. He did some stretching and some relaxing massage techniques – this is the reason why I gave a higher score on this category as the non-sensual routines completely reflect the years of experience he has. Giving KYLE a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED mark with a performance score of 9.73. He is definitely sensual with the right balance of sensual and non-sensual routines.


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