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Azzurro: LEE


I booked their "SUPRA" massage service and chose LEE as my therapist. LEE has no massage experience and was just a newbie in the industry.


He started by changing his clothes to just a "sando" and it was a nice view since he changed his clothes in front of my eyes and I could see how toned his muscles are. In addition, he got some smoking abs. LOL. He smiles a lot and would sometimes initiate a conversation, therefore, exuding warmth and a friendly vibe throughout the session. He is new so not many expectations in the technicality of the massage but still, he delivered pretty much a decent massage routine. I like that his techniques are quite spontaneous with every stroke. His sensuality could have been improved especially on how those sensual strokes should be executed to make it more sensual and what it should be. In addition, I would have wanted more touches in the privys.


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