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Azzurro: JEK

balanced routine with decent sensuality, lean and timid, cute and twinkish…


I booked their "SUPRA" massage service and booked a hotel for the session. JEK has short massage experience with no experience in doing sensual massage.


Jek is somehow new in the industry but has worked before in a non-massage industry. He is somehow bordering on being mechanical, especially at the start of the session but when he becomes comfortable with the situation, everything flows smoothly. I like that he has this mysterious vibe which captured my interest to know him more and I am glad that he was able to sustain the conversation. There is improvement needed in terms of sensuality but still, he delivered a recommended overall massage experience.

Jek is quite shy and not used to doing something beyond the standard routine so you are in good hands that there will be no hanky-panky that will happen during the session.


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