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Alpha: JULIO

shocking sensuality and over-the-moon experience, cute, charming & gentleman…


I availed the “Kappasutra” massage package. Julio has been with Alpha for quite some time now and has just been trained in Alpha since this is the only massage experience he has had.


This might be a little biased since I literally have a crush on him. I loved every physical feature he has especially his height, complexion, and eyes. Julio’s techniques were quite systematic as they started with non-sensual routines and ended the session with sensual routines. The sensuality was just memorable and sweet which reminded me of the things I missed about having someone to sleep with at night or when you are in a relationship. The tenderness and the connections I felt during the last part of the session really sold me on how good the session was and as such I am compelled to give him an “Outstanding” mark.

Julio is a charming guy with a look that is so like a rich guy. I like that he made really a genuine connection with me during our session and reminded me of how he made me so special at that moment that we were together.


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