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Alpha: JACOB

unique sensuality w/relaxing massage routine, tall and attractive…


I availed the “Kappasutra” massage package. Brian has no massage experience and was just trained in Alpha by the spa resident trainer.


This is my first time with Jacob. This might be an interesting review as Jacob’s massage techniques were quite different and it is something that may appeal to some clients. I love the nonsensual routines as they really produced relaxing and balanced massage techniques. The sensuality was quite different as it was really not focused on actual strokes but on light and sensual touches which is kind of new to me and I appreciate the effort that goes with it so I was inclined in giving the experience a “Highly Recommended” rating.

I like Jacob’s unique sensual routines as it feels like he is really into me and I love how he gently blew some parts of my body: ears, neck and nip. It was just so hot and sweet.


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