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Alpha: BRIAN

memorable sensuality and amazing massage routine, cute & sweet…


I availed the “Kappasutra” massage package. Brian has no massage experience and was just trained in Alpha by the spa resident trainer.


This is my first time with Brian. I’m quite impressed considering that he has just been trained in Alpha and has no massage experience. I love that he was able to give solid nonsensual routines, but the sensual routines were just amazing. The sensual strokes were delivered in a fluid and spontaneous way. I liked that he got his own sensual strokes of his own which I haven’t experienced from any of the Alpha therapists I tried. He is cute especially when he smiles, and we have a connection! Because of this experience, I am compelled to give him an “Outstanding” mark.

I like that Brian has no inhibitions in touching the privys which adds spice to the entire session. I like the bath session we’ve had since it was hot and sweet. He made me feel like his actions were just meant for me which I really appreciated.


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