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Alpha: BORN

memorable sensuality and amazing massage routine, cute & sweet…


I availed the “Kappasutra” massage package. Born has been in the industry for quite some time and has just been honed in Alpha since this is the only massage experience he has had.


This is my 3rd time with Born and it has been a long time since I tried him. I like his built better compared to the last time I saw him which made him more of a boyfriend material. The sensuality was just so good and exceeded my expectations because I can feel his passion in doing so and it felt really good and memorable. This might be a biased score because I have a little crush on him not just because of his looks but how he made me feel that “kilig” every time I get him.

Born can do some KFC moves and what I like about his moves is that you can feel the passion and it did not feel forced. I loved that he knows how to take care of me in a sweet and romantic way. Once you get to know him more and he is comfortable with you, he can bring magic to your massage experience.


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