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27Shaw: RIO

…balanced routine with acceptable sensuality, humble and meek…


I availed the “The Explorer” massage package. Rio has no experience and was just trained in the spa. Pictures of therapists are not available as per the Spa’s policy.


I like the humility that Rio exuded during our session. He has no massage experience but was able to deliver pretty solid techniques both for sensual and nonsensual routines. I like that the nonsensual massage was good and it felt really relaxing. The sensuality was decent enough to balance out the totality of the experience though would want to have a more seamless and continuous flow of the in-between routines that were completed in the session. I liked that he was able to maintain a peaceful ambience as he was meek and silent during the session. With his balanced experience, a “Highly Recommended” rating is well earned.

Rio is definitely compatible to “Tops” as he is really not into KFC moves. His routines focused more on the privys and making sure that you can feel the sensuality.


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