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27Shaw: GAB


I availed the “The Explorer” massage package. Gab has no experience in the spa industry and was just trained by the spa’s head trainer.


Gab probably will be in my books as one of the best sensual massage therapists I have ever had. It was really sensual and I said in my previous post, he is compatible to those "Power Bottom" Clients because of how the KFC move was executed. He is sweet and caring as well. I am giving this guy an "OUTSTANDING" mark with Sensuality rated at a whopping 10.0 performance score.

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30 ene

If we are talking about the same Gab, he has become very lazy. I did have an appointment with him today.

He came in 1 min late, asked to go to the toilet for a few minutes whilst insisting on taking my locker key and then finished 10 minutes early. It felt like he was bored and didn't want to be there. Not a very good experience. :( Felt like a rip off.

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